peas on earth
A Healthfood Store
& Bakery
Organic   Vegan    Gluten-Free

           Donn Fleming & Paula Aversa, Proprietors


      Our Mission Statement:
        The peas on earth store will offer
        only top quality, healthy foods that
            will not poison people or the

Paula is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer with a vast knowledge of food allergies.  Donn is a published author, has a background career in retail management and is a healthy heart attack survivor.
Our store will be a gluten-free and vegan heaven.  You will definitely have more choices for a healthier lifestyle. We feature two local bakers whom we hand picked after tasting hundreds of products all over New England, as well as, many local farmers and merchants of organic products.  We offer organic green mountain coffee brewed fresh  along with aternatives to conventional creamers and artificial sweetners.  Vegans, vegetarians and the health conscious will enjoy having rightful choices.
Peas on Earth started as a result of our family's need for natural non-toxic foods due to health problems and the frustration of not being able to find an adequate selection in any of the food stores within an hour's radius.
With  diseases (like celiacs, autism, cardiovascular disease) and food allergies (like gluten, wheat, lactose intolerances) on the rise, the importance of eating healthier cannot be overstated.  After cousulting with several doctors and professionals in the field we became convinced that we needed to be eating Organic/Vegan/Vegitarian, as well as, gluten-Free for my 8 year old son.  We found it extremely difficult to find food that fit that description without sacrificing one or the other.  We felt that you shouldn't have to compromise your health just because a gluten-free product wasn't organic.  We searched and tested and tasted products that fit the bill and lived up to our lifestyle standards and because of that change in our diet we are all healthier today! Now we want to share the things we've learned and the products we've found with others seeking a healthier diet for themselves and their families.
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